Single Origin Coffee

We source our coffee from our farm and also from the local auction. We can prepare coffees of a specific region and a specific process depending on the demands of our market and the tastes of our clients. We understand Ethiopian coffees very well and we tailor our roasting to suit those coffees to bring out what we believe is the best profiling of those regions. We can also recommend the best brewing method that will fit those profiles..

Tailor Made Coffees 


We offer a selection of Tailor Made blends, specific to a demand, an order, or a brewing method. Other than the Brands we have, such as Abysinian Mocca, or Matahara, Harar Boldgrain, SunYirga, Illily, Tabletop or Queen Sheba, we take time to discuss with our clients and consumers as to which kind of coffee they would like to have and the purpose of the coffee for them. We tailor those coffees to you and your taste preferences.