For the coffee enthusiasts that want to know coffee better without overwhelming themselves with too much information, we offer 2 hour courses on brewing and cupping. The basics of brewing at home will be explained and a hands on experience will be given for every type of brewing that exists, including how to use an espresso machine.
This is not a professional class, rather a "fun, learning how to drink coffee properly" class!
Come prepared for some caffeine intake.
Sessions will be held on the:
15th of March, 2017
14th of June, 2017
13th of September, 2017
Maximum 10 people per class,
1000 Birr per person.
In addition, we offer cupping presentations for any group of people that want to understand and experience Ethiopian coffee. Mail us for information and request an appointment.
We offer SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) certified courses. Please email us for more information.