Ethiopia is home to some of the most delicious, organically produced honeys and spices that not only complement coffee but often greatly accompany it in many occasions. Loving the produce of this blessed country, we have decided to offer a selection of honeys, that are sourced from local producers in Kaffa and Guji as well as  our own honey from Yirgachefe that we process every year. 

Each honey has a distinct flavour that takes us back 1000s of years, as most of the trees are as old as the land itself.



 It is called "False Cardamon", and it is the Ethiopian version of Cardamon actually, extensively used in the local cuisine. Very aromatic, it can be used cautiously to even spice up the taste of coffee. We sell cardamon, as it comes from our Farm in Limu, grown under a wild forest, and inter-croped with our coffees. We have come to learn that it is a spice actually adored by the monkeys, so we must grow it cautiously and protect it from those animals that like a spice or two in their foods.




Cascara Tea 

Cascara tea has been drunk in Ethiopia and Yemen for 1000s of years. It comes from the coffee cherry husks of coffee, which we prepare from the hulled cherries of our processed Yirgachefe coffee. It is called "Hashara" in Harar where the practice has been more common, or "Keshir". This particular cascara is from our Yirgachefe coffee which is produced and processed by us. This tea is an excellent relaxing alternative to black tea, with less caffeine, yet strong antioxidant properties. We can teach you how to infuse it.