About Galani

Wondering how it all got started?


Galani Cafe was born from the passion and the need to offer a good coffee experience to a wider public and to give the chance to outsiders to understand the differences between a good coffee, roasted and brewed well, to a coffee that is poor quality, and poorly served. At the end of the day, we are located in the very centre of the birthplace of coffee, having the chance to drink some of the best coffee in the world. Why not share this with others? Galani took its name from the River Gelan, that runs down the Bale mountains, all the way to Arba Minch, crossing many of the coffee areas. Coffee beans in most of those regions are carried on the back of a donkey, hence the Logo and the name came together to form our identity.

A large, light-filled space adjacent to our Addis coffee warehouse, the Galani Cafe coffee shop not only sells the best coffee but it also holds trainings, sells top quality coffee machines and supplies, has incredible food and maintains a cultural space for Ethiopian art, crafts and events.

Come enjoy the experience! Want to know more about Our Coffees?